Friday, July 3, 2009

The American Policy on Gun's, A controversial Debate

Buying guns in your local AIB, walking into your hairdressers and requesting ’20 3mm please’. An unrealistic picture you might say. Now Imagine our children making bombs, young teenagers been added to a ‘bomb list’,to you (I will certainly agree), this may sound bizarre and we may think that under no circumstances could these facts be true. But to my own shock these facts are ones I discovered through researching this controversial debate, these are indeed true!
These circumstances are regular exposures for people living in America. In Canada alone there is a population of 30 million that’s 6.6 times the size of Ireland, there are a shocking 7million guns! In America 11,127 people, teenagers and children die every year from gun shootings, both accidental and intentional. These facts are unbelievable but the fact still remains guns are causing these statistics, to me this proves they are devastating and should certainly not be available so freely.
As Ireland is a society that’s forever changing, we have become immune to hearing stories about gun land murders and unforgivable ‘mistakes’. I myself am from the nicknamed ‘stab city’. Although we do have an estimated 60 murders due to gun shootings a year based on studies carried out in 2006. In comparison to the 11,127 in America it’s clearly a not a dangerous figure but as a nation which is currently been influenced by other countries I believe we should worry, these figures are expected to rise and that’s frightening.

A defence weapon, an unlawful killing, a hunting hobby, whatever the use the gun should not be used in today’s society without many more legal and protective certification. Statists will always be around to debate or agree with but do you want Ireland to become yet another horrific fact. *America is losing too many children to gun violence, between 1979 and 2001 90,000 children and teens died from gun fire. That’s the population of Newbridge multiplied by 5

*In one year alone in America more children and teens died from gunfire than from cancer, pneumonia, influenza, asthma and HIV/AIDS combined.
*The gun related deaths per 100,000 people in 1994 by country where
No1-U.S.A, 14.24
No6-Northern Ireland, 6.63
No26-Ireland, 0.97

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


As some of you may be aware, this is my second blog, if you looking for a tipically beauty-fashion-girly blog please check out
This blog on the other hand will be a place where I can decuss my option on topical issues, a are where I can vent my Journalism suggestions, a place where you get to express your taughts on issues that have ethier affected your life or who just wish to chat(type) about.

Im looking for something to descuss first, I have some pretyped things on my agenda but again I urge you to voice you option and suggestions, ALL are welcome....
Hopefully this blog will interest you. I also wish to express that this Blog may contain both serious and funny views towards a issue, I dont wont this blog to dream into a complete bore for you the reader.

As someone who one day dreams about being a journalist and in my own dream world Radio Im really hoping this allows me to gain Ideas, insides and options from you the reader, ideas that one day may aid my imagination ..

Thank you so much